Philip ‘Aswind’ van der Zee

What would I like to bring to this gathering?
What can I bring?
I’m a storyteller for over 25 years, specialized in Germanic and Celtic myths and also ‘prehistoric’ stories, stories about trees, animals and Earth spirits. So I love to share whatever story feels right at the right moment or the completely wrong moment;-) This because I’m recognized in Lakota ceremonies as a Sacred Clown too. So sometimes it feels necessary to put people on the wrong foot. To make us look at our selves. In this way (sacred clown) the thunder beings seem to like to connect with me too, from time to time. The thunder beings are very strong allies, sometimes a bit scary…

So I would love to talk and share about the deeper meaning and connection of the stories that I tell too.
I have over 30 years experience with Lakota sweats. But this does not say anything. We need to find the right focus, the right intention each time again. Over the years the calling of bringing Celtic and Germanic songs, stories and connections into the sweat and around it has become stronger, although I still love to sing the Lakota songs and it can happen that Spirit takes over. But I’m not in control of that.

Yes, I do love to work with healing energies through prayer, focus and meditation.
I strongly believe in the power of ceremony and praying together. This is where everything has started from and needs to start from, from the Heart. Yes, we all struggle with the tricks of the mind. There are plenty stories about that! 🙂
I’m very much honored for being asked to take the role of ‘elder/ wisdomkeeper’ on me for the Kiva in the Netherlands. ( this after my four years of Sundancinfg in Indiana with Chief Iktomica, Steve McCullough, I also carry teachings and songs of chief Archie Fire Lame Deer with me still. For me : I took the essence out of those teachings. That works for me)

So since I’m a representative of our European roots for the Kiva I have dedicated myself more on connecting with my roots even more and started to ‘create’ ceremonial songs to honor our ancient nature Spirits often referred to as gods. Although our ancestors didn’t call them gods. This might be one of the misconceptions creating a distance. Some visions have guided, enlightened my path. And I strongly believe in following dreams and visions. My Germanic name ‘Aswind’ comes from a dream.
Enough, about me… there is more.
There is a movement bigger than us, bigger than me.
This is the calling I listen to when asked to come to the gathering in Austria.