Steven is a natural powerhouse of energy, and he uses these forces for the betterment of the world. His works may come in many forms, personal healings, workshops, ceremonies, energetic objects, cleansing of places, through Fire and Dance.
His vision is that if human kind can heal, grow up and awaken, the rest of the world will heal as well.
In personal healing he goes deeply in the pain fields of people, reading their pains in their eyes, and feeling their pains inside his own body. This way he heals them, as he would heal himself.
His healing work goes in different levels and stages, and is unique to each person that sits in front of him.
His conversations will let the person’s reality expand, and so a better overview is gained in which the person can better place his/her pains, and through understanding of the nature of reality, there is release.
By going with the patient into pains and fears, the fears and pains can dissolve. One does not need to walk alone on this plane of existence. Everyone can use some help at one point or another. Even the strongest.
Steven is there to offer advanced help, in a gentle and understanding way. He will take you through your pains and traumas, in order for you to see that the layer under that is harmonious and peaceful. The inner being is a magnificent, happy and radiant being. We all tend to forget that from time to time.
For advanced people this might be an upgrade and refreshing of what they forgot.

Steven is mainly autodidact, and put 26 years of dedication into healing and other energetical works. For those who need to categorize it, we made (just for fun) the titles he would deserve, but the concept itself of categorization is anything but useful to get a proper view. Steven is Reiki Master in Usui system, Terra Mai system and Kuruna Ki system. His Skills includes Magnetism, Elemental Master, Dragon Essence, Pleiadian Healer, Frequency Healing Voice, Matrix Architect, Quantum Healer, House of Spirits.

Cosmic Expansion Experience is a NEW-Energy Workshop.

Which means it is meant to help bring people from the old energies, into the new. From the old world, into a complete new and fresh upgraded world. Components: Mind expansion, Zero Point Consciousness, Matrix Architecture, Voice of Command, Language of Light, Self-Upgrades & Healing.
How does it work?

Part 1: Mind Expansion

By means of spoken word, Steven will Stream knowledge, creating a field of light and information, a sort of energetical map, until the the group consciousness is at the right frequency.
We expand the comfort zone until we can bring in experiences without it being blocked out by our filters.
The subjects are: Galactic History, Origin of humanity, Origin of the Multi-Universe, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Law of Attraction, how to combine the powers of the mental and the emotional into the Matrix.

At this point, the circle is round, the mind is full and the information stream is over, and ideas of how to build reality should be in place.

Part 2: Cosmic Being Expansion

Here the participants will be testing their ability to be creators of their own reality. Through Sacred Geometry, Matrix Architecture, Emotional Body Training, Mind Focus, Voice of Command and Law of attraction.
This combination will teach yourself how to let go of victim hood and how to influence the Essence of your reality, how to clear your channels, how to remove your programming, your filters, your limitations and much more.
In a gentle way we will explore this course of self-mastery, so one can become the architect of one’s own reality again.

Part 3: Rattledance

(small part, to release the higher frequencies and to be grounded again) We will go back to our body, and learn how to shake off old energies, to shake off what is no longer needed.
By these shakings of the spine (and body if desired), we learn to get back into the body, to ground again and to integrate all the former learned energies into our own 3D body system.

Steven is also available for individual healing sessions in the days before and after, and on the event itself.