Teo has been a nomad and traveller through many countries for the past 10 years. His university education in the field of Transpersonal Psychology led him to going deep into self analysis, to doing extensive self-healing work, gathering strong experience in working with all kinds of people, exploring and unraveling the mysteries of higher consciousness, esotheric arts, spiritual awakening and eventually specializing in the dynamics of Ascension.
He has studied several shamanic traditions, especially the ancient European tribal shamanism, working with sacred plant medicine, healing through his beautiful traditional hand-poked tattoos, holding space in many ceremonies & rituals for the benefit of others and his own transcendence.
One of his favorite areas of expertise is the understanding of individual & collective emotional trauma and the corresponding coping mechanisms, the training of mental discipline for developing higher tolerance to feeling & transforming strong emotions, reaching and healing the „inner child“, coaching individuals and groups in upgrading the Emotional Intelligence aspects for a centered, balanced and fulfilling Life experience.
He proposes Dance and the state of Trance as both powerful and playful vehicles for trancendence and embodying our highest potentials, a multidimensional portal to Ascension into higher realms of existence.
Originally from Romania, he inherits much of his people’s pre-christian esoteric understanding and brings it into the new millennium in new and creative ways, chanelling the voices of his ancestors in his Cosmic Storytelling journeys.
In the more recent years he has also discovered in himself the psychic ability to Stream informational flows on specific themes or related to certain significant events, to access „past life“ experiences and relate the karmic life-lessons through stories, helping people to better understand their Present Time life situations, behavior and thought patterns, leading to more effective healings.
Although he is often referred to as Teacher, he considers himself a perpetual student of Life, a Cosmic Child. He is also passionate about Quantum Science & Technologies, Exo Politics, and the overall advancement of the Human Experiment within the infinity of All That Is.